Thursday, December 17, 2009

hair cuts and milestones

today we took the boys for haircuts. usually when i say that, boys refers to bubba and pooks. today however it meant ALL the in peanut too. we reached the "walking" milestone yesterday and the ''first haircut'' milestone today.
nanaw getting in some snuggles
bubba and pooks went first--and for another 'milestone' pooks sat all by himself and let the hairdresser use clippers for the very first time
he didn't really like getting sprayed...
but a comb kept him distracted
as did his brothers
making silly faces for nanaw

tada! all finished and SO grown up looking. you know if you ignore the binky. can you tell his hair appt was the same time as naptime? i'll post a better picture later though!


  1. I might be mistaken here but where is Bubba's new hair cut? Peanut looks so grown up with his new do.


  2. No, you're not mistaken, there is no picture of Bubba. Honestly I hadn't planned on taking any of pooks but when he didn't want anyone to sit with him and he was okay with the clippers--I had to get a pic. Bubba went first, followed by pooks, then peanut. I will get pics with all of their haircuts tomorrow :)

  3. J Salon is where I go to get my hair cut! Who cuts the boys' hair? I see Shannon who works there...

  4. I see. I will be looking forward to seeing all three. They all are growing up soooo fast.



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