Monday, December 7, 2009

can you tell?

that someone is feeling better?

this year we intentionally put our christmas tree wedged in the corner of our living room between the couch and the loveseat. does it look super cool? um, no. but the idea was to keep our bunch of toddlers away from the tree this year. last year, i think that if i would have said ''we don't touch the tree, we just look with our eyes'' one more time my head may have exploded. the thought was good and most of the time it works.

you know, except for when your one year old outsmarts you and climbs onto the couch (using a pile of blankets and pillows that were stacked in front of the tiny opening between the couch and loveseat) so that he can reach the one ornament that he apparently, loves.
yeah, it works except for in instances like that.

so, as you can tell peanut is feeling MUCH better. we went back to the doctor today for a follow-up and his bronchitis is almost completely cleared up! he has a slight wheeze but we can drop the albuterol treatments down to ''as needed'' and finish up the antibiotic. his ear is still pink but there is no longer pus and we're on the road to recovery! continue with tylenol as needed for comfort but it looks like we're out of the woods. woohoo!

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