Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

looks like santa made it to our house :)
pooks came flying down the stairs, immediately saw the full stockings and attempted to scale the entertainment center in an attempt to get to his
bubba however, admired all the presents and looked for ones with his name on them
ripping into the stockings while waiting for nanaw and papa
they were most excited about the lightning mcqueen car, toothbrush and chocolate santa ''lollipop"
peanut chewing on a santa straw
pooks was excited to ''eat off santa's head, mommy''
peanut was even more excited; he didn't bother to remove the foil before sinking his teeth into his (or bubba's for that matter!)
bubba excited yet confused at what a 'slinky' is
meanwhile, peanut was still munching on his {now wrapper free} sucker
nanaw and papa walked through the door and mass chaos ensued!
nanaw helping pooks open his "MONSTER TRUCK"
toys, paper and kids--everywhere!
pooks excited his ''doc matt'' stuff
bubba and pooks each (respectively) received a remote control Lightning McQueen/Tow Mater which they love from papa and nanaw
B helping peanut open some presents
checking out his "my pal scout"
wrapping up the morning with nanaw's homemade coffee cake

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