Tuesday, December 1, 2009

amoxicillin, oh how i loathe thee

**warning, not for those with weak stomachs--vomit mentioned**

the last two nights, peanut has been waking up. he fusses a bit and settles back down fairly easily, but nonetheless he's waking and he wasn't three nights ago. then this morning i noticed he was pulling on his ear but he had just woke up and i thought it might just be from being sleepy. then when nanaw stopped by, she noticed that his ear was red on the inside. call in to the doctor and an appt for this afternoon.

fast-forward to lunchtime when bubba comes and tells me that ''his ear hurts, way down in dere.'' alrighty then, guess i'm taking two kids to the doctor.

one trip later and both boys do have ear infections, peanut also has 3 molars cutting through his gums and pooks is naturally, perfectly fine (that kid is never sick!) at home, bouncing off the walls with b.

so we run to fill the prescriptions, come home and i make the kids strawberry banana smoothies while i was reheating some homemade chicken noodle soup that was in the freezer. dinner goes along fine, the spills, meltdowns or problems. after dinner b cleans up peanut and i needed to give him his amoxicillin. i just figured i'd give it to peanut first because he would go straight into the tub (or so i thought).

first mistake! peanut did not like the medicine. i don't think that it was anything personal to the antibiotic, i think he just doesn't like taking medicine. well he was spitting it out, crying, making a huge mess--you know, being a typical one year old. well, little did i know bubba was watching the whole time.

after seeing the whole ordeal, naturally he didn't want to take his. and when i say type that it didn't want to take his, i mean he DID NOT want to take his. i tried explaining why peanut didn't like his, that the medicine would make him feel better, that it tasted good, etc. he was not having any of it. i pour the pinkness into a medicine cup (all while he is still saying no) and then kneel down to his level to try to convince him, yet again.

big mistake number 2! i kneel down and in the midst of him saying ''no'' he started gagging. i, instinctively put my hand in front of his mouth and he promptly throws up into it. upon seeing the vomit, it causes him to throw up more. this continues for a few more rounds until i finally think to move my hand (duh) and he throws up all over the kitchen floor. seeing it hit the floor, yep you guessed it, only sparks yet another round of throwing up.

so b and i finally get everything and everyone cleaned up and hello, i still have to get him to take the freaking antibiotic. i finally explain that the medicine makes him feel better, it will fix his ears and that if he won't take his medicine, we will have to go back to the doctor and they will give him the medicine in a shot. at the word shot he started BAWLING...which leads to pooks chasing him around saying ''i give you shot brover (brother)" which leads to more crying.

after wiping every single tear off his face, he agreed to take his medicine. he had his little mouth closed to tightly that i didn't think he would even taste it. well he did. and his reaction?

"...mama? dis tastes yike cherries! it's so yummy...i yike it!" um, yeah, i tried telling you that!

great, i only have 9 more days of this!

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