Monday, December 28, 2009

sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero

i read that quote and it just fits perfectly with bubba and pooks.

i know that lately i've been posting a lot about peanut; birthday, walking, haircuts--he is reaching/hitting a lot of milestones and they are exciting! but what is also exciting is all of the boys' relationship with each other. b and i were just talking today about how while bubba calls both pooks and peanut by their real names, both peanut and pooks only call bubba either ''bubba''or ''bra-bra''. pooks can say bubba's real name and chooses not too, he prefers not to i guess. no matter how many times you tell pooks that peanut is his brother too, he'll say ''he's not bra-bra, he's {insert name here}!". it's an odd dynamic that just works i guess.

bubba and pooks are now 3.5 and 2.5 years old. while bubba is older and taller, pooks is tougher and stockier. he loves nothing more than to run over and tackle bubba down. which makes tonight even much more interesting.

tonight they were in a very lovey-dovey, huggy mood. they were playing nicely and being silly. they had these 3-D glasses that B brought home after the movie. they thought they were hilarious! i think the pics speak for themselves =)
yep, having a brother is pretty awesome!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Morning

looks like santa made it to our house :)
pooks came flying down the stairs, immediately saw the full stockings and attempted to scale the entertainment center in an attempt to get to his
bubba however, admired all the presents and looked for ones with his name on them
ripping into the stockings while waiting for nanaw and papa
they were most excited about the lightning mcqueen car, toothbrush and chocolate santa ''lollipop"
peanut chewing on a santa straw
pooks was excited to ''eat off santa's head, mommy''
peanut was even more excited; he didn't bother to remove the foil before sinking his teeth into his (or bubba's for that matter!)
bubba excited yet confused at what a 'slinky' is
meanwhile, peanut was still munching on his {now wrapper free} sucker
nanaw and papa walked through the door and mass chaos ensued!
nanaw helping pooks open his "MONSTER TRUCK"
toys, paper and kids--everywhere!
pooks excited his ''doc matt'' stuff
bubba and pooks each (respectively) received a remote control Lightning McQueen/Tow Mater which they love from papa and nanaw
B helping peanut open some presents
checking out his "my pal scout"
wrapping up the morning with nanaw's homemade coffee cake

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

twas the night before christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

the stockings were hung by the TV with care,
all filled with goodies for santa has been here!
sugar cookies and milk on the table for him,
and carrots for the reindeer--we couldn't forget them!
three boys were upstairs, all strewn about in beds,while visions of lighting mcqueen gifts raced in their heads.

with i on my laptop and b out at a friends,
the house is so quite except for this wind!

tomorrow the boys will rise to see new fallen snow,open gifts here, then off to nanaw's house we shall (hopefully!) go!

to spend time with family and friends on this joyous day,
have a safe and Merry Christmas is all I can say!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's just super!

bubba is (as we all know) adorable.

this really isn't anything new.

what is new is his latest infatuation and usage of the word ''super''. i guess i need to type it more like "SUPER!" everything is super, it is by far his adjective of choice. good or bad, doesn't matter super is the best description.

meeting Santa Claus?
--"dat was so super fun mommy!"

smelling the melted almond bark as i was making dipped pretzels?
--"somethin' smells super yummy".

after seeing the pile of disgusting filth that was underneath the refrigerator when i moved it to clean? (which by the way i don't think that any previous person who lived here, like ever, had cleaned.)
--"mommy...dat's super filthy under there." and yes, he also uses the word filthy.

seeing nanaw and papa's christmas tree for the first time?
--"it's so super pretty nanaw.''

sometimes i can hardly even believe that last Christmas, he was barely speaking with words. (he was still using sounds, remember?) last year thanksgiving was ''gobble-gobble'' and Christmas was ''ho-ho". now he uses adjectives like super and words like filthy or disgusting. he tells me he's full when he's done eating or asks for a specific things like cranberry juice or graham crackers. i'll say that we're going to run to the store and he asks ''are we going to target or dillions mama?"

he absolutely loves scooby-doo and thanks to the boomerang channel, he is able to watch one episode every night before bed. when pooks gets scared from the monster/ghost/zombie/mummy, bubba is quick to remind him ''dat's just a guy in a costume...not a real monster".

i can't believe that bubba, my oldest is getting ready to turn FOUR. where the hell does the time go?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


just a quick post to share a better video of peanut walking! i had to buy a new memory stick but i finally got it :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

hair cuts and milestones

today we took the boys for haircuts. usually when i say that, boys refers to bubba and pooks. today however it meant ALL the in peanut too. we reached the "walking" milestone yesterday and the ''first haircut'' milestone today.
nanaw getting in some snuggles
bubba and pooks went first--and for another 'milestone' pooks sat all by himself and let the hairdresser use clippers for the very first time
he didn't really like getting sprayed...
but a comb kept him distracted
as did his brothers
making silly faces for nanaw

tada! all finished and SO grown up looking. you know if you ignore the binky. can you tell his hair appt was the same time as naptime? i'll post a better picture later though!

look whose walking now?!

okay well you'll have to watch this super crappy video from my phone.

i still can't find the memory stick for my old camera that shoots video! it's very frustrating!

but, peanut is WALKING. like walking-walking, not just tiny little baby steps but walking across the room. the most impressive part? he stands up--without pulling himself up, without even using his hands!--and just starts walking. i mean he goes from sitting to pushing his feet under his butt and standing :) my littlest guy is growing up! hopefully i can get B to teach me to upload from the camcorder soon...(hint, hint!!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here comes Santa 2

so as i mentioned previously, sunday the boys saw Santa (again) at B's reserve party.
they had a catered lunch and then santa visited, bringing a gift for each kiddo. or i ran to target the night before, bought the gifts, b took them in the morning and then santa called their names the boys sat so patiently waiting and waiting for him to call their names, when he did they were up lightning fast!
bubba was SUPER excited about his etch-a-sketch
as was pookie (although he seemed more excited about the m&m's)
i think our boys were the only ones who went up to santa, told him thank you and gave him a hug for their presents. made mommy proud :)
after santa, they ended up having an FGR meeting for the personnel but the kids all skipped over to the auditorium and played like wild crazy animals
peanut wearing pooks santa hat
taking a few steps...
there he goes!
pooks :)
after running around we went back inside for a silent auction and door prizes. i ended up winning an apple pie from hy-vee AND a gift certificate to the harley store!
peanut and i
(i totally love this pic!)