Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

gotta love this kansas weather, it went from being 70+ degrees last week, to 34 degrees with a mixture of rain/snow today and fore-casted for tomorrow.

so what's a stay at home mom to do?

bust out the paint.

usually this doesn't go so well. pooks doesn't like being messy, someone spills something or touches something while their hand is covered in paint thus causing my anxiety to hit maximum capacity and hurriedly putting all the paint away.

but today, it went very well. of course it helped that i put down an old sheet, then covered each kiddo in an old tshirt and squirted only a small amount of paint on each paper plate.
for our school lesson we talked about thanksgiving; what it means to be thankful, and what types of foods we eat on Thanksgiving, etc. then i took a small pumpkin--heck maybe it's a gourd--and cut it in half. we scooped out the insides and used them as a stamp.
ideally i thought we'd paint stems on them but after one sheet of pumpkin prints, the boys decided to finger paint instead. i just went with it. they had a blast! each making 4-6 paintings!
they already asked to paint again after their nap and i said maybe we could paint numbers for school tomorrow. if you find something they like, keep with it!

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