Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween!

nanaw with all her little animals
papa too!
a tiger says ''RAWR"
a curious little lion
a cuddly cute bear
our little zoo
off we go, trick or treating!
trick or treating ain't easy when you're 3, they couldn't reach the doorbell on half the houses

after hitting up the 11 houses on our block that had their lights on, we headed over to the boys' buddy Landon's house. look at all our animals!
a bear, a turtle, a tiger and a lion--oh my!
the famous ''what the heck is this'' expression
hope you had a happy halloween! the boys filled their buckets 1/2 full and are asking for candy on the hour, but we all had a blast!


  1. Looks like everyone had a nice Halloween! The kids are sure growing. Bubba looked like he has grown an inch or so trying to ring the door bell.


  2. LOVE the pics Shannon! Too cute as always! :)


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