Monday, November 30, 2009

black friday--who really wins?

remember here in this post where i mentioned that there was one thing that i really wanted to get on black friday? well, after waking up at 4:40am [and running to one other store first] and then driving an hour to get to another town, then rushing out with the crazies and battling the masses, i got it.

okay, okay. it wasn't that dramatic. while in my head i may have pictured running, possibly elbowing people and tackling others down to get it, it was much more calm. okay, okay, no one else was even there. the store opened at 8am and while i was worried because we {myself and my BFF} arrived at 7:56am, there was no need to be. while i was pulling open the store door, eagerly looking in to try and see exactly what i was hoping for, i realized that while the store was open--it was empty. once stepping into the store i discovered that in place of crazed shoppers, there were 2 sales ladies greeting me; one handing me a $25 gift-card (just for shopping on that day) the other was offering to help me find exactly what i was looking for.

which by now you might be thinking, what the hell was she looking for?

well, i wanted a La-Z-Boy recliner. it was the perfect gift for b and while he's wanted one for as long as i've known him i couldn't rationalize dropping over $400 on a freaking chair. a chair? no way.

well only on black friday can you find one for 51% off, thank you slumberland. for 51% off, not only could b finally have his recliner but i was willing to drive an hour and shop on black friday to get it for him. while he's wanted one for years, the want has only increased since he took my parents old one from their curb after they bought a new one to replace their very worn one adopted one.

so i have to ask, who really was the real winner on black friday? was it B for getting this as an early christmas gift:
me for finally getting rid of this one:
or the kids, who now have the biggest fort/castle/tent that they have ever played in:
yeah, i think they enjoyed it the most!


  1. That is a cool box! Looks like you are all winners!!

  2. Awesome deal! We bought a La-z-boy when I was preggo with Gabe, and plunked down a whopping $600 for that thing. But it was the most comfortable chair EVER! You def. get what you pay for, even better when it's 51% off!


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