Friday, October 9, 2009

sweet mommy moment...or should i say "mama" moment?

peanut has been "talking" for weeks now. he started out saying "dada" well over a month ago. he says it to B, he says it when he wants B, he says it while crawling to B. he's not just randomly babbling, he uses it correctly. then he said "na-na" to nanaw, he'll say it at nanaw' get the idea. just a few days ago he started saying ''ba-ba" which originally i thought was 'bottle' but he uses it for bubba. today he said it over and over again while playing with bubba. i haven't heard him say it to pooks, so i'm not sure if it is really directed to bubba or if he means brother. no clue, but it sure is cute!

so fast forward to yesterday. the boys are all downstairs playing and i'm at the top of the stairs putting on my make-up. i think that i hear peanut say ''ma-ma'' but i'm not sure. i holler down to bubba and ask him what peanut said, he also says ''ma-ma...he said ma-ma!" but sure as he says that, peanut proceeds to YELL ''" okay, so i was wrong. kinda disappointing but i'm used to it. (pooks didn't say mama until 1 day after his 1st birthday!) we get our shoes on and head out the door.

first stop is target, we get our stuff and are randomly wandering around when peanut starts to get fussy. he's sitting in the cart rubbing his little eyes, and i'm saying ''i know, i know we're leaving so you can take your nap." and he looks up at me and just starts saying ", ma, ma, ma-ma." you can bet your last dollar that i sweeped him up and held him all through the checkouts and out to the car. he said it again at lunch yesterday and a few random times today. B still hasn't heard him say it but i know he did!

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  1. Ahhhhh, what a fantastic mommy moment!



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