Thursday, October 1, 2009

shaking the sillies out...

this morning, during peanuts nap, the older boy and i ran around outside acting like total crazies. it was a little cool out...about 67 degrees and it was windy but it's been a few days since they've played outside and they needed it. i needed it. okay what i really needed was to wear them out enough that i would be able to nap when they did.

ha! did that ever blow up in my face!

first peanut didn't just nap for 45 minutes like usual. he napped from 10:40am-12:40 which was a problem because bubba and pooks go down for their nap at 1pm. so just as we went upstairs to tuck them in for nap, peanut woke from his.

oh well, that is how the cookie crumbles some days. peanut and i had fun while the other boys were resting. he has figured out how to pull himself up to standing, using the sliding glass door. not an easy feat, but he loves standing there, looking at rascal and yelling at him!
he is getting so good at crawling now!

adding fuel to the fire is the fact that bubba never did nap...i caught him trying to wake up pooks so he's now downstairs too.

it's just one of those days.

but here are our pictures from this morning, craziness and all:

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  1. Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun playing outside. Love all of these cute pictures. The one with you and pooks is the cutest!



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