Monday, October 5, 2009

it's been a few days...

but things have been nuts! the weather has gotten cooler which has cut down on our outside play, which makes for a long day because the older boys have trouble settling down for their naps. usually after 40minutes pooks falls asleep and then another 30 minutes after that bubba quits "reading" and falls asleep as well. problem is by this time, peanut is awake which in turn wakes up pooks. ugh! today all 3 fall asleep quickly, i think the overcast skies and playing with nanaw this morning wore them out!

with peanut crawling (fast!) and pulling himself up to stand, i really need to have eyes in the back of my head. if there is so much as a crumb on the ground he will find it. he is also very good about finding tiny little toys that i didn't even know we owned and putting them in his mouth, which leads to a freak out on my part! we had to get a baby gate and block off the kitchen because he was trying to eat dog kibble, pull open drawers, shove things under the fridge, etc.

today i took peanut to the doctor, he's been waking at night and has been overly fussy. this morning he was pulling on his left ear so i assumed that he had [another] ear infection. luckily, his ears look great! she thinks it's a combination of teething (this will be tooth #7!) and he's slightly congested (which could be from teething). but the part that amazed me, his weight! at his 9 month check up he weighed a little over 17lbs, he was a little on the small side for his age. but today? the little chunker weighed 20lbs and 12ozs! he's gained over three pounds since the middle of august! i knew that he had gained weight, that was obvious but i was shocked at how much! he's a healthy little rollie pollie :)

pooks is officially potty trained! it's been over a week since he's had an accident, day or night! he is doing very well letting us know when he needs to go, both at home and when we're out and about. woohoo! only 1 kiddo in!

lately bubba has been acting more and more like a typical toddler; testing his limits, refusing to share his toys, back talking some....i know it's normal toddler behavior but it's challenging because bubba has never really acted like that. B and I talked about it and i think he's just feeling a little left out. peanut is hitting all these milestones, pooks is getting praised left and right for going potty, and i think bubba is a little bit jealous of the attention that his brothers are getting. we've been letting him stay up a little later with us, snacking and watching football with daddy. we have a tentative date night to go see 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' just me and bubba. i'm hoping that will help with everything!

so now that they are all napping, i'm gonna catch up on DVR'd shows and relax.

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  1. Sounds like you are a busy mommy! Little peanut is growing fast and keeping you busy. Bubba is probably enjoying his time with mom and dad. We had the same problem with our kids. That saying two is company, three's a crowd is true. It is time for that 4th one so it will be even. lol


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