Monday, October 12, 2009

favorite and least favorite

my favorite part of the day...bedtime! not because they'll all be sleeping and i'll finally have peace and quiet (seriously, that's not it) but because all the boys are so snuggly. they settle down, they are cuddly, they smell like baby lotion and bubble gum toothpaste. they love to read books (3 is the limit) and even though i read aloud from one book, they all flip through a book on their own. it's just so relaxing and i know it won't be this way for ever so i'm cherishing it now.
that's my favorite part. it's clean, there is no fighting, and they are just so cute. flipping through their books, pretending to be reading.

my least favorite part? the next morning.

my boys, while they always wake up early, they are not morning people. they are crabby, they are territorial and they take a good 30 minutes to really wake up. they are messy, nothing can convince them to clean up. even when they trip over a toy that i suggested they move so they wouldn't trip over it, they still won't pick it up. i can't do anything right. they didn't want milk on their cereal, they wanted apple juice not orange juice. they wanted cocoa pebbles not lucky charms. honestly, now that i type it out i guess they are just normal men! ha! this was this morning---all 3 fighting over puzzles. even though we have at least 10 wooden puzzles, they still fight.
oh and notice peanut? see him standing there? yeah the boys are not happy about that!
peanut has been pulling himself up for about a week. for a week he's been pulling himself up to stand using the sofa's, the sliding glass doors, the baby gate--any piece of furniture will do. well today he realized that he can pull himself up using his brothers toy box...which gives him direct access to about a million hot wheels cars that they have been 'hiding' in the top bins. so you know what bubba did? he packed up every single one of his cars, put them in his backpack, then went upstairs and put the backpack in his bed.

i chose not to tell him that peanut can pull himself up using his bed too.

hey, i try not to shatter too many hopes and dreams in one day!

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  1. My favorite is all of these great pictures. Peanut is growing up so fast. I can't believe that in a month or so he will be a 1 year old.



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