Friday, September 4, 2009

sneak peek....

yep, it's that time of year again. and to all you neigh-sayers who are thinking ''it's september she serious?" yes, yes i am. and just take note that last year (and the year before), i started even earlier... i had bought bubba's costume in august. i ♥ halloween!

(oh and we haven't yet purchased/made peanut's costume...yet. we're at a loss because we can either go the ''lion, tiger and bear'' route or just do jungle animals. but bubba was already a monkey and I don't like repeating.)


  1. I think that Peanut should be a big steak. Isn't that what lions and tigers like?

  2. If peanut is a bear are you going to be Dorthy??!


  3. I found that same lion costume on Craigslist back in I think June and I bought it for Parker to wear this year for Halloween! The only problem is that I bought it even though it was a 2/3 T size because I figured it would be better if it were too big instead of too small but now I'm afraid it's going to be WAY too big so I might have to save it for next year and think of an entirely different Halloween costume for this year! I think kids in Halloween costumes are ADORABLE so I can't wait!!


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