Friday, September 11, 2009

short and chubby...

way back when...back before marriage. back before kids, i used to like guys who were not too tall but not too short, in shape, tan skin with a cute butt and a nice smile. who would have thought that one day i'd fall so hard for a boy who was short, chubby and slobbery??
i love that peanut is at the age where he is really starting to show off his personality. his likes and dislikes. i find that myself (as well as others) constantly compare him to bubba and pooks. who he looks like now, who reached milestones before him, after him. but you know what? he is his own person and he's demonstrating that more and more each day.

he loves watermelon and inhales peas. he can get a flu shot and not even cry....not even grimace! he loves bubba's old his fisher price train and wooden blocks. he isn't difficult but he is picky--out of all the little animals and blankies we've bought him, he prefers a Serta sheep that nanaw got for free when she bought her mattress (and now sleeps with it during naps and at night). he loves bed time but fusses at nap time. he isn't high maintenance per se but he is demanding. he is peanut. he is definitely his own person and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. What a catch! :D

    I think E is demanding too! I think she's too little to tell if she's picky yet, but I'm always saying she goes from 0 to 60 in 3 sec! If we do something that she doesn't like, she lets us know with a yell like its the end of the world! There's no easing into it! LOL



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