Sunday, September 27, 2009

a little break for me, and a lot of fun for them

every year (for as long as i can remember) the last weekend in September my dad's side of the family has a family reunion. it lasts all weekend with camping friday and saturday night and a potluck luncheon on sunday. when i was younger, i loved going. camping was a blast. exploring the campground for rocks and bugs, roasting marshmallows, making homemade ice cream...what wasn't too like? throughout high school/college it was harder to attend; with jobs and various activities and that whole high school mentality that i was "too cool" for camping with my family. now that i'm a little bit older and a mom, sleeping in a tent just doesn't hold the same appeal. sleeping in a tent with 3 little ones DEFINITELY doesn't hold the same appeal. plus with B's work schedule, september is his busiest month at work so we usually can't attend.

this year B's work load has been a little lighter and on friday he found out that he would be able to go. so B, papa, bubba and pooks had a boy's weekend. (i chose not to attend because i hate camping, love my bed and desperately wanted a break and instead used the weekend as a little vacation from toddlers.) they loaded up papa's truck on saturday morning, drove the 2 hours to the campsite and camped out saturday night.

the boys had a blast! when i called this morning to see how they did bubba (very excitedly) told me all about how he got to sleep in a tent, pooks went on and on about the park. they went questing, they saw a lake, they ate "moshmellows dat were on fire", apparently they peed on a tree, they collected rocks, they got to ride in papa's truck...the list goes on and on. both B and papa verified that they had fun and behaved well. (okay, as well as toddler aged brothers behave at a campsite) here are some pics that papa just emailed to me and that B took.

throwing rocks in the lake...i assume

bubba told me all about the cows he saw
(we learned about them last week)

and peanut and i? we had fun too. we visited nanaw, read stories, played outside, went to dinner with nanaw, uncle matt and aunt rachel. we even sang and danced with baby elmo, from a DVD that i haven't seen since bubba was 10 mos old! he loved it. he was a little attention seeking flirt! he was completely spoiled by both nanaw and myself.

must say, it's SO different running errands with just one kiddo. we picked up nanaw and ventured out to target, sears, k-mart, and tru-value on a mission to find a baby gate. (which was accomplished and i would never attempt to try that many places with 3 kids) during naps i was able to tend to some much needed and overdue housework. i was able to put out all my halloween decorations, dust with pledge (not just swiffer sheets), organize the toy boxes and pack up all the kids' summer clothes. i was able to do laundry without worrying about anyone hitting each other as soon as i stepped into the laundry room, vacuum, make the boys' beds, clean off the deck and lastly vacuum/clean/armor all and wash my car.

but i did miss the little dudes. it is oddly and eerily quiet without them around! there were several instances where i finished something up, peanut was still sleeping and i just said "now what?" it was weird going to bed and not peeking in on them. or stepping into the shower without having to move 361 bath toys first.

it was a good break but i'm kinda glad it's just once a year ;)

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