Monday, September 21, 2009

in other news...

time for a little catch up session:

pooks has successfully finished potty training. he is in undies all day, no longer wears pull-ups at nap time and we haven't had an accident in several days! woohoo!! (we're keeping him in PU at night for a bit longer though!)

peanut now sits up completely on his own, pulls himself up to his knees and now has SIX teeth. he was 10 mos old on saturday and is just such a happy baby! he waves hi and bye, jabbers on and on, loves to scream, mimics the dog barking, crawls way too fast and has quite the temper when he doesn't get what he wants.

bubba's half-birthday is on the 28th and i cannot believe that my little guy is almost 4 years old! it seems impossible. his newest phrase is ''i'm just tired mom'' and he uses it as an excuse for anything. doesn't want to eat dinner? ''i'm just tired mom'' smacked his brother on the head then refused to apologize? "i'm just so tired mom'' misbehaves at the grocery store? get the idea. apparently he thinks that being tired is a get out of jail free card. he is slowly learning the error of his ways!

me? i finally feel pretty good! my endometriosis is being managed, my ankle has healed up wonderfully and i have accepted the fact that peanut is weaning. we're down to nursing just once a day (usually after nap) and some days he will nurse for 10 mins, some days just 2. but he is happy, healthy and growing. i am pain-free and able to be the mommy that they all need so overall, it's working out quite well.

b is working a lot this month. luckily he didn't have to work too terribly long on saturday and actually didn't work at all on sunday. this happens every year and while it's a rough month we always get through. it isn't always easy and we aren't always the nicest to each other but we've learned to accept that!

three kids keep us busy and when one person is pulling most of the weight at home, while the other is working under high stress all day and then longer hours to boot, we both have little patience at the end of the day. while we don't take it out of the kids, it's hard not to take it out on each other. but we realize why it's happening and realize that it is almost over...only 10 days until the end of the month then things can return to normal! thankfully!

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  1. Way to go Pooks! I bet that makes mommy and daddy happy (less diapers to buy). I am very glad to hear that everyone is doing fine. Hang in there time will go fast and it will be October before you know it.



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