Sunday, September 20, 2009

i forgot

we went to visit the nanaw's today.

it's an hour drive there and back and i made sure to take my camera so that we could get an updated 5 Generation photo.

i forgot to get a 5 generation photo.

in fact, i only took one picture.

some people might think: "FAIL! what was the point of taking even one picture??"

yeah, that's my youngest son with my great grandma. his great-great-grandma.

there is a ninety-seven year and seven month age gap between the two.

that's the point.


  1. Cute! Peanut is getting so big. I'm sure that your Grandma B. loved seeing the boys.

  2. That's so awesome that your great grandma can know and spend time with her great-great grand kids!! Evalyn has a great-great grandma {she is called Special grandma cause she's 95 & still lives in her own house by herself and drives herself around town!} on Brandon's side. This ONE picture is definitely worth it! Too precious :D



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