Friday, September 25, 2009

i couldn't make this up!

lately bubba hasn't been taking his Arf [his 'lovey' that he carries everywhere] out of the house. usually Arf has to go everywhere (even though he stays in the car) but lately he's been taking other things instead. his puppy from build-a-bear, a ty beanie baby, etc. this is a small conversation that took place between bubba and i before his nap:
me: bubba, why don't you take Arf places anymore? why do you take your big puppy instead?
bubba: because Arf is just sleeping. he's tired and stays home.
me: is Arf getting old??
bubba: yes. he's getting old....he's getting old just yike nanaw
i about died laughing, i'll admit. and the first thing i did after the conversation was call nanaw!


  1. That's funny! I bet Nanaw really liked that one!


  2. Hilarious! Your mom is SO old and all.

  3. Hilarious! That kid comes up with some great stuff.


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