Friday, September 11, 2009

gotta get that....gotta get that....

boom boom pow!

the black eyed peas preformed at the football game last night. while i personally don't watch pro football, we were at nanaw's house and she does watch. (hence how i know that the black eyed peas opened.) my boys ♥ the black eyed peas. why? i have no clue but they really took to "boom boom pow" when it came out a few months ago. hearing it on the radio isn't near as fun as seeing it on tv, apparently. they turned into dancing fools. and if you pay attention around 00:55 seconds, you'll see that pooks is REALLY listening! when fergie says ''put your hands in the air'' oh does he ever! even peanut was shaking what his mama gave him =)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS those kids are cute! I laughed so hard!

    Ann B.


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