Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a day in the life...

...of the tictac household.

a long, long, long time ago i did a ''day in the life'' type posting, when pooks was about peanut's age. i thought it might be interesting to do another one so here it is. a normal day for us:

about 8am we have breakfast. every day pooks refuses to sit in his booster seat so i just quit even trying. he kneels the whole time...oh well, he's eating!
after breakfast i get the kiddos dressed. peanut will only sit still if he is eating his bottle at the same time so we multi-task
i dress peanut and help pooks get dressed, bubba however does it all by himself
after the kids are dressed, bubba and pooks watch PBS while peanut jumps in his jumperoo. after i am presentable, we run any errands; today we had to get groceries.
i prefer to go to a particular grocery store because of their shopping carts; they have car carts that seat up to 4 kids! makes things MUCH easier and the kids love it
when we return from grocery shopping (and getting starbucks) we head downstairs for our lesson of the day.
peanut, enjoying his 2nd bottle of the day in his pack in play while the boys learn all about the letter C
they worked on coloring sheet while i prepared the craft activity
today we turned the letter "C" into a Caterpillar, decorating it with little Circles...all while talking about words that start with C
bubba posing in front of our learning board for the week.
the theme is fall, the vocab word is 'seasons', the letter C, the number 3, the shape is a diamond and the rhyme is 'Hickory Dickory Dock'
after our lesson we come back upstairs for lunch. peanut snacked on a wagon wheel cracker, then feasted on pieces of plums and cheese crumbles for lunch.
bubba and pooks had PB&J sandwiches, fruit (apples for bubba, and a plum for pooks) and 3 huge cheetos..that start with the letter C. pooks pointed this out on the bag and I was so proud :)
while i cleaned up the dishes/highchairs after lunch, the boys watched backyardigan's, then went down for their naps
the boys slept for about an hour and a half, when the neighbor stopped by. when she rang the bell, rascal started barking, then pooks and peanut started crying which turned into pooks then yelling that he had to poop. fun, i know. *eye roll*
about 20 minutes later bubba decided to get up too. the boys had a quick snack of goldfish crackers. peanut enjoyed another bottle.
after snack, we made chocolate chip cookies. Yep, the letter C again!
while the cookies were baking and I was starting supper, the little dudes put together a puzzle and played with blocks.
peanut however enjoyed emptying the snack drawer
when B came home, he changed clothes then played with the kids while I made dinner. i didn't take any pictures of making/eating/cleaning up dinner though--completely forgot! papa came over too and we had a make your own baked potato bar/buffet.
then b and papa kept the boys entertained while i put everything away and did laundry.
papa makes a good elephant!
papa and B play poker on wednesday, so they left shortly after dinner. the boys and i played for a bit, then we put on their pj's and got ready for bed. first came putting on lotion and pj's. after that bubba had his breathing treatment.
afterward the boys all brushed their teeth. i am one lucky mama because all my kids LOVE brushing their teeth. even peanut!
the little dudes brushing their teeth too
after they went potty, brushed their teeth and washed their hands it was time for a bed time story. tonight we read ''No, David!" per pooks' requestfollowing the story, it was lights out. the boys talked amongst themselves for a bit but peanut was O-U-T.
now i'm catching up on DVR'd shows, blogging and just generally be lazy.

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  1. I bet you are exhausted by the end of the day!



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