Sunday, September 13, 2009

another one bites the dust

well another weekend has come and left. wake me up when september ends! it is going to be a lllloooong rest of the month people. B is working every weekend from here til oct 1st because it's the end of the fiscal year. he does this every year but as we keep adding kiddos, each year gets a little bit more difficult! mama is tired! i'm use to having the weekend as a little mini break, a chance to sleep in and take things easy.

not this weekend!

it's been eventful and fun but there has also been plenty of drama and adjusting!

when you consider that peanut is now officially mobile, adjusting takes on a new meaning. before i could run upstairs to pee and he'd be right where i left him. now, he is under the kitchen table or trying to get into the dog kennel. he already ate some mystery carpet crumbs this morning (i'm 90% sure it was 1/2 a cheerio) and he's had more than one toy yanked from his hands followed by a loud "NO NO BABY! you're too yittle!" let's just say i'm not the only one adjusting. ahem.

speaking of toddlers with a dramatic flare, bubba received his very first "serious" injury. i put quotes on that because while it wasn't a broken bone/stitches situation there was a LOT of blood and even more tears. friday afternoon we were playing outside waiting for B to get home from work. peanut was in his jumper and the boys were riding their assorted bikes, trikes, cars and fire trucks. bubba was attempting to run over to his bike before pooks got to it (sidenote: pooks wasn't even attempting to get the bike, bubba just thought that he was) and in his hurry he tripped. when he tripped he stopped his fall with his face, but mainly his lips. tears and screaming started immediately. i rushed over and picked him up then ran to the laundry room and grabbed a washcloth and some ice. (that sounds odd, most people don't keep ice in their laundry room. unless you know that our deep freeze is in the laundry room which is in the garage) i was trying to figure out if his teeth/tooth went through his lip, if he knocked any teeth out, what exactly was bleeding and how bad it was.

thankfully it wasn't that bad. okay it was bad but it could have been much worse! it looks like he took a layer or two of skin off his lips. both lips, which i'm sure hurts but i was just so glad that he didn't need stitches! it took him sucking on 3 ice cubes before he would even let me see what was going on but i felt much better once he showed me. i didn't take any pics that day/ was traumatic enough without me going all paparazzi on him. here are pics from saturday morning though:
ouch! luckily i'm a nice mommy who gave into his request of a ''ice queem dink from starbucks to make my yips feel better'' and since then, they have felt remarkably better.

so we've got a crawling baby, an injured toddler and what else? how about a potty training 2 year old! pooks is doing great! he hasn't worn a diaper in days. in fact, even on recent trips to target and dillons he wore his big boy underwear (not a pull-up but real undies). he's had a few accidents with going #2 (at home) but we're working on it! pooks potty training is only adding to the chaos with peanut crawling because we're constantly running upstairs to go potty and i can't bring peanut into the bathroom (unless the tub is dry and i have somewhere to set him).

so we have a crawling baby, an injured toddler, a potty training two year old and what else? oh yeah, on saturday we had one of our playgroup friends over. little L is 9 months old and a very avid crawler! his parents just bought a house about 3 blocks from our house and i volunteered to watch little L for a few hours so they could paint. surprisingly having 4 kids all 3 and under wasn't any more difficult than any other day around here. lol! and they had a lot of fun!
little L and peanut sharing the jumperoo
"fighting" over a choo-choo
saturday evening i cheated and ordered Chinese food for dinner, lol! b didn't mind and neither did the kids. i enjoyed having a nice little break :)

this morning we were planning on having nanaw and papa over for Grandparent's day, the plan
was to get up, get dressed get a super cute picture of the kids to slip into the card and then have a big breakfast at our house. i was prepared to make waffles, scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon. however, things did not go as planned.

getting the picture was an entire ordeal that i never imagined taking so long! and no, it wasn't the kids' fault! they did great and we got a great pic. the problem was in ordering it. i immediately sent it off to walgreen's to get printed while we finished getting ready. after a quick run to starbucks it was time to pick up the photos, 10 am. i get the kids all unbuckled and into the store only to find out that they don't turn the photo machine on until 10am so it'll be about 15-20 minutes.


so i text nanaw to tell her not 10:30, maybe 10:45am. i buckle all the kiddos up and we run to the grocery store to pick up something for supper. after another round of unbuckling and then buckling, we get back to walgreens. i unbuckle three carseats yet again, and we return to the photo dept. the guy working (the same guy that was working 15 minutes earlier) then proceeds to tell me that my 4x6s are ready for pick-up but unfortunately they ran out of 8 inch paper (yesterday!!!) so my 8x10 and 5x7s won't be ready until...get this...NEXT saturday!!?


it's not like they were for a GIFT or anything. so fine whatever, i take the photos that are ready and return to the car. i buckle the kids up and head back to our house where it is now 10:35. we pull in, i unbuckle everyone and we get in the house just as nanaw and papa pull up.

now, do you think that i have brunch ready? yeah that was a huge no. so we scrapped that idea and went out for lunch. are my parent's flexible or what! (oh and they seemed to really enjoy the picture too!) so after a deliciously stuffing lunch where i ate way too much, we came home, played outside and then they took a nap. and i think i may have heard the hallelujah chorus sing when they finally settled down and a hush fell over the house.

i'm beat. and it's only the first weekend of B working. one down two more weekends to go. i know one thing though, i'm treating myself to a pedicure this week---even if it means paying a hobo to watch the kids, i'll get that pedicure!

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  1. What a cute picture!! Poor Bubba, those lips look so sore! Oh and by the way I loved the dancing video and all the pictures with peanut. I am surprised you have time to post all of these pictures with all the energy the boys have.



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