Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Those silly boys!

the little dudes each got haircuts today and i thought that it would be a good time to get their picture. neither wanted to sit very still for pictures so instead of one good pic, i have several silly ones.

i think this is the first time that they've gotten their haircut together. they did GREAT at the salon! bubba sat all by himself and barely moved the entire time. pooks however refused a cape and ended up sitting on my lap. luckily our stylist was awesome and could speed cut his hair like no other. it's the shortest it's ever been but looks nice and is definitely better than when i cut it!
something was hysterical...i have no clue what because they've made up their own little language. apparently ''mommy is a bing-bing" and that, is funny
then we can't forget little peanut...while he didn't get his haircut but he is cute too! he's in a mood lately. he apparently had an immunity to the drug that they gave him to treat his thrush because sunday was a full week on the medicine and he still had white patches. luckily i was able to get him seen yesterday and they put him on a new drug. but unluckily, he is also cutting BOTH of his top teeth. he's a bear. i literally can't turn my back to do anything. answer the phone, put something the fridge and he freaks. when he's happy, he is HAPPY. but when he's upset, watch out!
the above is an example of one of said fits. he throws his face forward and makes this fake cry, then looks up at you. if you don't pick him up, he repeats. it's funny the first time, after that it's just a little over the top!
and lastly--a pic of all my boys
(well except B and chewy!)

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  1. Love the haircuts! I can't believe how big Peanut is getting.



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