Sunday, August 16, 2009

saturdays and sno cones

we have had a very fun weekend full of several new things, all of which were fun and the kiddos really enjoyed.

i spent friday evening blissfully alone. (ok,technically the kids were here but they were asleep. B was out winning a poker game) it was wonderful. the silence is amazing! seriously. i watched tv for 2 hours and i was able to watch shows that I wanted to see. i ate potato chips out of the bag and i did not have to share. i sat out on the back deck and enjoyed an adult beverage while catching up on facebook. i read a book without pictures and took a long, hot shower without be interrupted. i deep conditioned my hair and even shaved my legs! i even fell asleep before midnight and still managed to get 5 straight hours of sleep before peanut woke to nurse at 5am.

those readers that are not yet parents to small children are silently thinking "what a loser; who spends a friday night alone AND brags about it?" those that are parents to a younger crowd are probably thinking ''damn, i could use a night like that!"

saturday morning we went out to breakfast at my absolutely favorite breakfast place (IHOP eat your heart out) then headed over to the farmer's market. this has become our weekend ritual and not only is it fun, it's so much cheaper and the quality of the food is amazing! seriously, totally worth it! the boys love it and this week they picked out watermelon. last week was peaches and they inhaled them!

after the market we headed over to city park to attend a birthday party that the boys were invited too. little R is a friend from our playgroup and he was turning one. his parents really outdid themselves, we all had so much fun! they managed to snag the area between the play equipment and the splash park which the kids loved. we munched on grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, cake and even sno cones! who even knew that you could rent a sno cone machine? the boys loved it and little R seemed to be enjoying all the guests as well. we took a ton of pics, especially considering that it wasn't our kids birthday but the boys were in great moods, they were doing/trying so many new things that we just couldn't resist.

the boys and I with little R and his mommy
pooks decided on a blue sno-cone
while bubba patiently waited for his purple one
they apparently ♥ sno cones! even though pooks thought it was cold, it didn't stop him
bubba did not want to share with his daddy
after sno cones and cake, the boys played on the playground for a bit. just as we thought the party was winding down they brought out a pinata. again, another first for bubba and pooks. B and I discovered that while our boys know how to do a lot of things, swinging a bat isn't one of them. guess we need to work on that, lol. they were hysterical to watch though!
and finally after a few whacks by some of the grown ups, the pinata spilled candy everywhere. the boys each filled their cup and pooks promptly ate a starburst. with the wrapper still on it. *sigh* i guess he REALLY likes the pink ones.thanks for inviting us, and happy birthday little R!


  1. Guess we'll have to get some snow cones at the zoo if we venture that way next weekend!

    Love the pics of the boys :). Can't wait to see them....oh and you and B too!

  2. Gosh those boys are so cute! Can't wait to see them again. And my goodness, Pooks looks like you and Matt.

    Also, congrats on the new computer, not going to lie, I am a little jealous.


  3. It looks like a fun time was had by all. I'm kinda jealous , those sno cones look yummy.

    Great pics of my grandbabies. As usual.:)


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