Friday, August 14, 2009

lollipop, lollipop, oh la la lollipop

just bragging blogging from my new laptop. i ♥ it. it's shiny, new, fast, pink and smells like beer.


wait, what? your new laptop doesn't smell like beer (or more specifically tallgrass KOLD)? oh, well then i guess mine does because i knocked B's open bottle onto the keyboard last night. you know, THREE whole hours after taking it from the FedEx man's hands. *facepalm*

luckily after a few choice words and some finger pointing we (myself, B and nanaw) acted quickly to move and unplug the laptop, tilt it on it's side and clean up the beer. then papa used the air compressor and blew out all the beer from underneath the keys. we let it dry out for an hour or so and when i turned it back on it was fine. just like new. well, just like it had been 2 hours previously but with a slight beer scent.


i still ♥ it. and it really is just like it was before. the keys aren't sticky or anything (at least not yet). and the beer smell is fading. it's still fast, pink, shiny and kinda new...

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