Sunday, August 23, 2009

fun-filled weekend

whew! i feel like i haven't posted in forever. we had SUCH a fun weekend. we returned to our old stomping ground to visit auntie michelle, aunt debbie, and the in-laws. of course we did fun stuff like go to the zoo, eat at red robin, visit a farmers market, and so forth. the boys did great, no major meltdowns despite sleeping in a new place and spending so much time in the car. thanks for letting us crash at your place auntie M---it worked out perfectly!

here are a ton of pictures from the zoo. now keep in mind that this is a good sized zoo; not San Diego big but MUCH larger than the dinky one here. we spent almost 6 hours at the zoo on saturday. six hours! it was a lot of fun, especially now that the boys are old enough to really get into it. bubba said his favorite was the tiger, pooks said his was the elephants. i think they both really liked the turtles best. these are not all the pictures i planned on sharing,;i actually have more but i'm using B's computer right now and this is all i can post from here.

so in no real order, here they are:
B, pooks and bubba watching the turtles
myself, bubba, pooks and auntie michelle
pooks and bubba looking at vampire bats (you can see one by bubba's hand)
pooks feeding the giraffe a branch of leaves (he dropped it he was so nervous/scared!)
bubba's turn, he liked it! despite the fact that the giraffe licked him
peanut (actually awake) with B in the tiger exhibit. well by the tiger exhibit
B acting like the tiger is eating him
auntie michelle, bubba and pooks watching the gorillas
b and peanut watching the gorillas from a distance
bubba giving the gorilla a high five
kind of a scary looking gorilla!
pooks was petting him
pooks and me admiring this blue parrot. he was just walking the fence next to us in the south america exhibit
pooks and bubba trying hard to find the iguana hiding
and lastly a short (dark) video of peanut dancing while at red robin. he was acting hysterical-dancing, hollering, eating handfuls of broccoli and then shrieking. he had a blast apparently!


  1. What a fun trip!! love the video of Peanut dancing! I love when babies dance! :)

  2. Love all the pics! I can't believe those boys and the gorilla's. They act like it was a puppy or something.Not at all like their mom at the zoo with the gorilla's when she was little. :) love ya sissy!

  3. I always love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. Puts a smile on my face! I feel like I know you and your kids and I have only met you a couple times through Michelle. Keep up the great stories!

    -Ann B.


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