Thursday, August 13, 2009

four hundred and we're on top of the world!

this is my 400th post. seriously! four hundred blog entries since july 14, 2007. can you even believe it? (i know because blogger told me so.) man, i talk err, blog a lot!

well, i didn't get to 400 posts by sitting here talking about posting. so, on to today's:

last night after supper we took the kids out to the lake to go questing. questing is what the kids like to call trail walking. we find easy little trails around town and let them walk (rather than ride in a wagon). we pick up pine cones, watch for animals, look at leaves, listen to the crickets and pick up sticks. they absolutely love it and mom & dad like it because it wears them out before bed time is so educational.
after we were done questing, the boys discovered a new (to them) playground. they had a blast!
after we left the lake and were on our way home, we decided to make a spur of the moment stop somewhere else. it's a lookout point of sorts, and also has nice walking trail. in fact, you may say that it's like being on top of the world...
all in all, it was a very fun evening. surprisingly no one was eaten alive by bugs and the boys slept til 9am this morning. WIN!


  1. Love all the pictures! Have they ever accidently ran into poison ivy? Thats a lot of blogging and just think I look at them at least twice a day.

  2. LOL! No they have never gotten into poison ivy. I'm sure that day will come but so far, the worse has just been mosquitoes. Every bite swells up real big and is bright red on all 3 kiddos so I'm not sure if they are allergic or not?


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