Thursday, August 6, 2009

are you jealous? pie made from scratch by ME! don't mind the cell phone picture, it was all i had. but i have this list i made when i was like...18? i don't know for sure, heck i'm not even sure where it's at. (although now i want to go find it!) a sort of 'bucket list' if you will. well one of the items on there was "learn how to make an apple pie from scratch''. so that's just what i did. the kids and i went to store yesterday and bought 6 huge granny smith apples and today while they were napping i made the crusts. (which was extremely easy btw) when they woke up, they watched me peel them, slice them, and then coat them. afterwards we took it over to nanaw's house to bake since we were having dinner over there. it was delish!


  1. oh my gosh!! That looks soooo good! You are going to be just like your mom, a GREAT cook.


  2. Yum! It does look delicious :) Isn't it awesome just how easy it is to put together a tasty homemade pie?!?


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