Monday, July 27, 2009

when it rains it pours...

sorry for the lack of posting recently, i'm tired! peanut was the epitome of health for 8 months and lately if it's not one thing, it's another. don't get me wrong, it's nothing big and for that i am immensely thankful!

first he was teething. he cut 2 teeth on the same day and for all of 2 days he was happy. then he came down with an ear infection. managed to get him into the doctor and he was put on a 10 day antibiotic treatment and it worked. i had taken him back to the doctor on friday and his ears looked great. no fluid, no dullness, his ears looked completely normal.

thursday, friday and saturday we were "sleep training" him. it's been a good 2 months (at least) since he slept through the night. we (I) was getting up anywhere from 3-7 times each night to comfort him. i was exhausted and becoming quite bit....bitter. a person has to have more than 1 hour of sleep at a time to feel rested!

because the doctor said his weight was good, he was healthy and there was absolutely no reason that an 8 month old should be waking that much at night to nurse, we went cold turkey on the night feedings. we ended up having to let him cry it out and it was working. true he would cry/fuss for anywhere from 30mins-almost 3 hours (on and off!) at bedtime but he was sleeping through the night and much happier. saturday night he slept for a straight 7 hours! it was amazing.

until sunday morning.

when he went to nurse, it hurt. i mean it hurt! at first i thought it was his teeth. i pulled him off and looked---white stuff in his mouth. great, thrush. (in this case they think the antibiotics were the cause) bubba had it as an infant and while somewhat of a pain in the ass to deal with, it's really not a big deal. you have to apply this anti-fungal medicine to their mouth/cheeks four times a day and boil all binkies and bottles. with bubba it took about a week but wasn't too bad.

because he used bottles.

peanut doesn't use bottles. peanut uses me. thrush is easily spread because it's basically a yeast infection. i don't think i have to spell this out. peanut has thrush in his mouth. he uses his mouth to eat from my breast. and viola i have a thrush as well. while we caught it early and neither of us is in a ton of pain, because it is so easily transferable we could keep passing it back and forth forever.

okay, okay, not forever but you get the idea.

so now i have a topical medicine, he has an oral medicine, i am now boiling binkies, washing bras and bleaching toys at night. because obviously, if he teethes all over something and i don't clean it, then he can just give himself thrush again. and again. and again.

doesn't that sound like fun!?

so i'm here. we're all fine for the most part and hopefully i'll be back to posting soon. i've been working on ironing out the details for peanut's first birthday (less than 4mos to go and it's right before the holidays so i'm trying to plan/budget now. plus i always make a big to-do over first birthday's) as well as trying to run a house and raise my kids. and be a decent wife to my also tired and equally stressed husband.
in other news, pooks stayed dry in his pull up for almost 5 hours today, he also said his whole first name (instead of his nickname) and he was also caught not once, but TWICE sneaking fruit snacks (that he was told he was NOT allowed to have before lunch) underneath a table/barstool.

bubba is learning how to swing on a real swing at the park. he's all about the ''" leg motions. he now knows triangle, square, circle, octagon and can recognize the letters b, m, w, e, o, and i regardless of where they are written/typed. did i mention he just turned three? when did he grow up?

more later, i'm off to bed!


  1. Take care and I hope both of you are better soon!!


  2. You poor thing Shannon! I hope that both you and Peanut are healthy again very soon!! Sounds like you need a vacation! You can come visit me in Columbia! ;)


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