Sunday, July 19, 2009

what a fun filled weekend!

this weekend just flew by! we did a ton but i didn't take a ton of pictures. not really sure why, but we had fun. guess you'll just have to take my word for it ;)

saturday morning we slept in (you know 8:30am is sleeping in for toddlers), then we headed over to the zoo with baby yeah-yeah and auntie s. it was beautiful out! 78 degrees in the middle of july? you have to take advantage of that! the kids had a blast and the animals were so cute!

baby yeah-yeah & peanut in the stroller
looking at the baby flamingos! who knew they were gray?
bubba and B feeding the goats (pooks would not go near them)
all the kiddos by the snow leopards
the sloth bear had 2 cubs, they were so cute! the bears, pooks liked!
after the zoo we headed over to Panera for lunch then home for naps. during their nap, i helped auntie michelle clean up her house so she could turn in her key and officially no longer live here. it was a nice break from the little dudes but i wish she didn't have to move. we miss you auntie michelle! after their naps we ate supper (i can't even remember what we had, lol. must have been really good!) then we went grocery shopping.

let me tell you, taking 3 kids shopping and B grocery shopping is a task. all you hear is ''can we get this?" or "i want that". geez, who knew i had 4 kids? (just kidding B, i love you! and your sushi, beef jerky, frozen pizza....) took about an hour but it went smoothly.

this morning was a lazy day. we hung out around the house. we watch finding nemo and just spend the day being silly.
see...i told you! peanut was acting goofy!
giggling hysterically when i flipped him upside down.
overall we didn't do much. after naps bubba, pooks and I baked up 3.5 dozen monster cookies which turned out delicious. then i made supper (we had spaghetti...i do remember that!) and we all played outside. okay the kids and i played. B mowed the grass, washed the cars, watered the plants, sprayed for bugs, and then cleaned it all up. hey i have to keep him around for something! ;)


  1. What a fun weekend! Looking forward to chalk and bubbles tomorrow with moms and tots! ;)

  2. How fun! I can't believe how big Penaut is getting!

  3. Did you know that flamingos get their pink color from all of the carotene they eat (like in shrimp)? That's probably why the babies were grey.

    And there's your useless fact of the day :)


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