Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sarcastic comeback from a 3 YEAR OLD!?

yep. bubba. *sigh* he was in a mood today. while at nanaw's today the following conversation took place:

me: bubba tonight for supper we're going to have waffles for supper.
b: waffles?? (said in total disbelief)
me: yeah, we're going to have breakfast for dinner, won't that be fun?
b: (looking at me as though i have an alien popping out of my forehead) yeah mommy and after i wake up from my nap, i'm gonna take a bubbles [bath]. (said in total sarcasm while continuing ''you must be crazy'' look)
b: that's silly mommy. you silly.
he seriously had THE most sarcastic tone, i cannot even begin to convey it through text. i told/asked my mom, if he's like this now what is 13 going to be like?

then not 10 minutes later on the way home from nanaws we had to stop because there was a firetruck entering the intersection. so we're sitting there as it goes racing by, sirens blaring and bubba says (clear as day and so matter of fact) "that firetruck going to those new apapamints [apartments] by my papas wook [work]. cause they on fire. they spray water on da fire." the freaky part of all of this:

it WAS the road you take to go to papa's work. and if you are curious, there is also a fairly new apartment complex by his papa's wook. how the heck my three year old has that sense of direction i have no idea...we've visited papa's work maybe 10 times since his birth?

crazy kid i tell ya.


  1. Geez...One bad week and you turn the whole page all black. Man up, son.

  2. The aforementioned comment was supposed to be on the new post.


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