Friday, July 31, 2009


today is nanaw's birthday but since she is at the casino living it up visiting matt and rachel, we celebrated with her last night. if there is one food that i can make that usually turns out pretty kick ass, it's fried chicken. (which is mildly ironic since I don't like fried chicken) so for nanaw's special day i fried up 17 chicken legs, mashed potatoes with made-from-scratch white gravy, green beans, rolls and topped it off with an ice cream cake from cold stone. i think the boys loved it just as much as she did!

in the middle of singing 'happy birthday' pooks took it upon himself to blow out the candles

peanut after ''2 bites of just ice cream. i didn't give him the chocolate cake babe."really B? you want to rethink that? the evidence shows differently....

the whole gang enjoying the cake. (the chocolate ganache was enough of a reason to eat outside with bubba and pooks!)

i hope you had a great day Nanaw! have fun seeing harry potter tomorrow :) did you win on any of your scratch tickets??

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