Monday, July 13, 2009


just about sums up the last week in the TicTac household.


in the last week, every night B and I have been woken up by peanut anywhere from 3-7 times. seven times. in. one. night. so we're both running on little sleep and we're both a little cranky and at the end of our ropes. then B had drill over the weekend (which is stressful because we don't really get to spend the weekend as a family) so that meant we didn't get to sleep in.

so you're probably wondering "whats wrong with him?"

yeah, you and me both.

first we thought it was teething. he was fussy and he refused to nurse. then we thought it was a nursing strike. then we upped his solids thinking he wasn't getting full enough during the day. we tried tylenol/motrin, teething drops and gripe water. (not all at once people, i don't OD my kid! over the course of the week!) we tried offering water instead of nursing. we tried letting him cry it out. we tried co-sleeping.

nothing worked. i was at the point where i thought, okay maybe i just have a fussy kid. maybe it's separation anxiety and there isn't anything i can do.

this morning we had a breakthrough. he woke up with a slight fever. not exactly a great thing but it let me know that something wasn't right. then i saw that he had scratched the heck out of his left ear. this was my ah ha! moment. took him to see Dr. S and the little guy has a bad ear infection (in his right ear, ironically enough). he's on antibiotics and a motrin/tylenol every 3 hours routine. already, he is much happier! here's hoping we get SOME sleep tonight!

meanwhile, here are a few pics of him over the week. don't worry, he's happy in these! well most of them.
trying puffs for the 1st time
gnawing on a teething biscuit (for the first time)
and what happens when you take the biscuit away, just for a second to remove the piece he bit off (you know, so he won't choke. just a minor detail to him!)
and i didn't forget about bubba and pooks. here's a pic from the other morning (and pretty much a inside view of what every single morning looks like in our household).
all comfy and cozy in mommy and daddy's bed


  1. OMG! Peanut looks just like Bubba when he was a baby in the pictures where he's in the high chair!

  2. Poor little Peanut! Glad that you know what's wrong and he's getting meds to help him feel better! LOVE the pics of the 3 boys together! They always take such sweet pics together! Can't believe Peanut is already old enough for puffs and biter biscuits!! They REALLY grow up SOO fast!

  3. You have beautiful kids. Glad you figured out what was up with Peanut!



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