Monday, June 8, 2009


yesterday we packed the kids up after their naps and headed to the movie theater. now i will fully admit that i was nervous. who the heck takes 3 kids, all 3 and under to the movies? not to mention (but I just did mention...hmm?) that it was a movie that i actually wanted to see. so $29 later (that's 2 adult tickets, a large popcorn and a large soda) we were sitting in the 2nd row of the theater watching previews before the movie started. so far so good...all 3 kids were amazing intrigued by the giant screen and disney preview after disney preview. being the practical mom that i am, i remembered to bring little brown bags for the kids to each have their own popcorn and they were munching away. i also had back up m&ms, twizzlers and fruit snacks.

because Up! was in 3-d we all got this cute yet geeky glasses to wear. obviously b and i had no problem wearing them and even bubba kept his on the entire movie. every now and then i'd hear ''mommy, my gasses too big'' and i'd have to adjust them but that was it. pooks wouldn't wear his at all but he didn't seem to mind. much to my surprise, it ended wonderfully!

all 5 of us were able to snack and enjoy the movie without a single meltdown! no spilt popcorn, no dropped contraband m&m's, and only one potty break. peanut fell asleep in my babyhawk carrier shortly after the beginning of the movie and he woke just as the ending credits started rolling down the screen.

the boys loved the movie and from an adult's perspective, it was really cute. both b and i thought it was a good movie, very cute and so original. it wasn't like 'the land before time IIXXVI'--it was a completely new story with a super cute ending. an actual original thought that played out beautifully. we give it 5 thumbs up :)

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