Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i have been majorly slacking, i know. it's been crazy around here. we were out of town on friday and saturday so of course sunday was a catch-up day. and the weather finally isn't 100+ degrees so we've been spending our mornings at the park and evenings outside playing. i'm slowly trying to prepare the boys for the 4th of july. last year all the fireworks and blackcats scared the bejeezies out of them so we've been talking about that, noticing the tents, etc. we tried s'mores last week and they know that we'll do that again on saturday. i love the 4th of july so i really want them to enjoy it as well.

in other breaking news: peanut had TWO teeth break though his gums yesterday. that officially means that he was 7.5 months old when he got his first tooth pair of teeth! what a big guy, right? he is a drooling mess but i guess that's to be expected if you're popping them up two at a time.

well i will update with pics later tonight, hopefully. i'm on my way to the orthopedic specialist to figure out what the heck is wrong with my ankle.


  1. Good Luck!! at the doctors. Hope it isn't too serious.


  2. You are telling me! I am finally getting to sit down and post this week. Summer is just SO busy!


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