Wednesday, June 24, 2009



yeah, you. the one right there reading this blog.

i assume you are reading this for one of the following reasons:

a) you are interested in keeping up with us or you're family and feel obligated to be reading
b) you are nosy and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. hello this is a public blog on the're allowed to be nosy. heck blogs practically encourage that!
c) landed here by mistake and now you're stuck reading. kinda like looking at roadkill. or an episode of the hills.

just sayin'.

anyway, my point: if you have been here before, then i know. i may not know you per se but i know you're out there in the inter webs reading. how do i know? cause of this little baby:

this is my little friend, i call feedjit. okay...everyone calls it feedjit. it's just what it's called. i didn't pet name it or anything but regardless, it's a live traffic feed. it lets me know how people find my blog. i don't have it listed in a search engine (i like a little privacy from internet whackos) so this tells me how people land here. could be from here, or my facebook page but usually it's a direct link.

i know that they directly typed in b-u-b-b-a-a-n-d-p-o-o-k-s-.-b-l-o-g-s-p-o-t-.-c-o-m or they have the page bookmarked. in the last 24 hours AT LEAST 21 people have viewed this blog by direct choice. they have taken the time to type or bookmark our page, which flatters me! seriously, it rocks. so my question to my loyal readers is this....

where the heck are my comments people!?

can you give me some feedback? some love? can you let me know that you're out there in virtual land giggling with me. or at me, i'm okay with that too! you take the time to visit, can you let me know what you think??


let me try to break it down for you.


i "work" with very small people all day. very small people with small vocabularies. and even smaller understandable vocabularies. i blog because it gives me the chance to "talk." it's a little bit of freedom around naptime where i have a chance to use real sentences and correct grammar (most of the time). i can ramble on and on (and on) with the best of them. when you leave a comment, it's a non-verbal adult conversation for me. comments are my little social interactions that i get to have throughout the day.

let me just say that lately, there haven't been too many comment social interactions. are you bored? do you have a question? comment? complaint? do you like more real life stories (btw, i have a few to share) or prefer pictures?

here is your chance to let me know what you like about visiting our little blog. i blog as a way to vent, unwind, brag, share memories and stories and so that one day (hopefully) my boys can read this and see what we did and how much i enjoyed it too. but i do have readers. i realize this. so do you have a question? something you wonder or are curious about?

i'll make a deal with you. i'll try to blog/update more often if you comment more often. and in return i'll answer any questions you have about us, me, the kids, the dog, blogging, baking rolls--whatever. just leave them in a comment or e-mail me at [mom2tictacs at gmail . com ]


  1. Too funny, Shannon! Sorry I don't comment more often! I love seeing the boys and keeping up with you guys... I'll try to do better! :)

  2. Are you really that bored...could do clean out the garage, JK!

  3. Hi,
    I love seeing your blog, seeing the boys grow, and listening to you vent. I think I usually visit at least once or twice a day for a few smiles. Sorry I don't leave comments all the time but I will try to do better, I promise. Take care!


  4. I'll comment! :) Love the blog. If you see KC, MO that's me. And I sent it to my sister in Atchison, Ks. She has 3 boys 3 and under so she really enjoyed it too! I can almost always relate to your blog. Plus I'm getting a sneak peak into what having 3 at home will be like! Keep it up.
    Jana G.

  5. not to be confused with KC, K which would be me! or matt, but lets be honest, i think i do more of the blog reading in this household.

    -aunt R

  6. I'm glad that Ron said JK. Otherwise i'm guessing that your comment for him would be inappropriate for this family-oriented board :)

  7. Shannon...I LOVE reading your blog! I used to comment more often but felt like you might be getting annoyed that I commented so frequently so I quit commenting as much. I love both the stories and the pictures! do you set up your blog so you can see who visits the page? I feel like NO one reads Parker's blog b/c there are so few comments but I know people do view it b/c I'll see people and they'll be like, "I love Parker's blog". Anyway...LOVE the blog, would LOVE comments from you on Parker's blog too (if you read it that is), and I'll start leaving more comments again now that I know you enjoy them! I LOVE when people comment on Parker's blog too! :)

  8. I believe you know I hail from KC, KS too and assume you possess the mental capacity and know-how to determine my identity. I have but a single question for you, and perhaps you can articular a reply in one of your narcissistic blog postings:

    Why are you so needy?

    Honestly, why do I even read this?

    (PS- I really liked Ron's comment. And I disagree with the other KC, K post)

  9. Very funny sissy. I'm sitting here smiling to myself because I can hear everyone of those things coming out of your mouth. You know I love looking at the blog and reading it, but lets be honest most of the time you call me and tell me this stuff and then say later "do you ever even look at the blog" I look every nite and from here on out I will acknowledge that I have read it.

    Love , Mom

  10. Didn't you have marketing in school? Only a small percent, like less than 3% follow a return. For every three comments figure 97 people came and gone with no comments. Or for every comment figure 30 other folks just read it and moved on. However I'm not sure what the percent is for internet blogging. Anyway what does it matter? If you enjoy it, then that's all that counts. The bigger question is how do you keep a copy of everything for the boys to read in the future. Its kind of a interactive baby book. Awesome, as it is, I haven't figured out how to save it or print it for the boys. love ya, D..

  11. Your blog is my "good morning smile!" I LOVE hearing all about those darling little guys and your amazing, busy but seemingly under control days. But I LOVE even more the visits to the office. Your blog is so enjoyable - your way of describing moments in your day just make me laugh. Keep it up!


  12. I love reading the stories about the boys, I love seeing the are just entertaining. Keep it up! I will comment if I can think of anything!

    Ann B. from facebook

  13. Do I get some sort of bonus credit since 2 of my friends regularly read your blog and even commented today? I'll be expecting my cash prize in the mail...please forward it to my new address :)

  14. Brenda (From your dad's office)June 25, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    I am like Paula I get a smile from reading your blogs. Having a son that is almost two, gives me something to look forward to, and then maybe not. I love your sense of humor, when I am having a down day I know I can go to your blog and put a smile on my face.

  15. If Michelle gets a cash prize, I will stop reading. She just pointed me to your facebook page. I went to your blog all on my own. :) No credit to Michelle!



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