Thursday, June 18, 2009


from the past week or so :)

on sunday we went with nanaw and papa to visit grandma great who turned 91 this week! we also sporadically decided to drive a little further and visit nanaw phew phew and great great grandma. i really thought i took more pictures, but i guess i didn't. well that and my lens was SUPER dirty (blame pooks-it's covered in itty bitty fingerprints!). but the ones i managed to get are pretty cute.
with papa and the birthday girl
(grandma great is papa's grandma!)
all the boys playing at nanaw phew phew's house
peanut with great great grandma b
then yesterday i set up a little pool out on the back deck. with the heat index it was close to 100 degrees and the pool sounded blissfully wonderful. the problem lies in the fact that there is one mommy and three kids...i am not wild about the idea of taking 3 little ones to the public pool by myself. is it more fun? yes. but is it about 10,000 times more nerve wracking and stressful. trying to make sure that both older boys stay close by me in the shallow end of the pool, that there is no fighting, that they don't get pushed, splashed or dunked by someone else; that they don't slip, run or climb the waterfall --all while holding peanut--not going to happen. the pool is just too crowded for me to feel comfortable.

but i digress. ahem.

long story short, we bought a little pool for the back deck and spent an hour yesterday and an hour and a half today enjoying it. the boys LOVE it. even peanut went nuts, splashing and giggling, he just loved it. i didn't get any pics of him in the water (because i was holding him) but when he wasn't in the water he was jumping around in his exersaucer.

showing off their new fish squirters; they were all named Nemo

bubba acting crazy
peanut hamming it up in the exersaucer and his new bucket hat
admiring the pool from afar
and lastly a picture of B blowing out the candles on his birthday cake last night:
(btw his cake was suppose to look like 2 playing cards...let's just say i decorated the entire thing in less than 5 minutes while trying to keep 2 toddlers fingers out of the frosting all while listening to an infant scream. 'nuf said!)

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  1. Super cute pictures of the boys. Can't wait to take them to the splash park next week. They will have so much fun!


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