Monday, June 15, 2009

a little family time!

B is working in a row from june 8-26 without weekends, some days working 12 hours at a time (6am-6pm). he's tired, the kids and i miss him and it sucks. plus his birthday is wed and then father's day is this weekend and he has to work then too. i know that there are a lot of dads that work even more than this, but it's not the norm for us. thank the stars for that!

when B came home early today ( 1pm?!) bubba said "hi daddy, i miss you". it was so sincere and (despite what b said i did NOT tell him to say it!) heartfelt that in that instance i was like ''we are getting out of the house and doing something together. now!" so after a nap, a round of diaper changes and a refill of sippy cups we were out the door. the boys have been unpatiently waiting for Petco to open up. for the last 2 months at least every time we drive by the construction site with the ''coming soon'' sign they ask to go see the puppies. so we did. except there weren't any puppies. we saw fish, turtles, lizards, ferrets, hamsters, birds and other small rodents.

afterward we walked through the new Bed, Bath and Beyond and stopped for lunch at one of my *favorite* restaurants. this was the first time ever that peanut sat in a restaurant highchair. it was also the first time he ever ate baked potato (which we mashed up, obviously). overall, it was a hit! here he is looking like a big kid:
and i wouldn't dare forget bubba and pooks who chowed down on pb&j sandwiches, cheetos, applesauce and sweet tea.
after dinner we took the kiddos to the park where they played for a bit then we walked on the trail that goes around the park. the boys like going on nature walks. or as they call it ''goin questing." really we are looking at leafs, sticks, bugs, bark, berries and the like. they had fun but mama's ankle was sore afterwards! as we were leaving i couldn't resist capturing one pic of all my boys.
please ignore the porta-potty ;) it kinda ruins the moment but oh well.

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