Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's a ock-ka-gon mommy!

so way back when we lived in the ''city'' i picked up some flashcards for the boys...not anything super fancy, they were flashcards that i actually picked up at walgreens. i believe they we even like 2 packages for $5 or something...really reasonable. anyways we bought these:as well as another package for learning numbers/counting. honestly i originally bought them to help encourage bubba to speak more (we are DEFINITELY no longer worried about that!) but during the move i lost them. well i didn't lose them, i misplaced them for 8 months temporarily. well while i was in the basement searching for something but i can't even remember what that was because i got excited about flashcards i found the flashcards.

i wasn't sure exactly how the boys would take to flashcards, usually i work in educational things through fun activities: like baking cinnamon rolls to count, using sidewalk chalk to learn colors, m&m's for sorting and making patterns, etc. i literally just opened the box up and started saying ''what's that?" well imagine my surprise when bubba knew every color (except for gold), he knew every single object and well over half of the shapes. pooks knew most of the objects, none of the shapes and a few colors--not bad for just turning two! plus both boys kept saying "again mommy, again."

okay so they had fun. score! they were learning. score! but what is more amazing!? they RETAINED it! while i was driving yesterday bubba pointed out a stop sign. i said "yep, that is a stop sign, it tells mommy to stop and watch for cars." and his reply "it's an ock-ka-gon mommy....cause it has eight sides!" i was speechless. so now every errand since then, the boys BOTH yell out "ock-ka-gon" whenever they see a stop sign. they point out ones that they see on crossroads, at store crosswalks and even baby ock-ka-gon stop signs (aka: pedestrian stop signs).

i have to say that pooks may say octagon is the cutest way. ever. absolutely adorable :)

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  1. Looks like you have some very smart boys there, but we already knew that, right?



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