Friday, June 12, 2009

did i mention?

peanut can now sit up and play {like a real boy!} without support!? without a bumbo or pillow or a person holding him up!?
can you even believe it...he's almost 7 months old and is sitting up like a pro, he's rolling everywhere to get to his big brothers toys or power cords (really anything that he probably shouldn't have, but that he wants). we've started him on baby foods. so far his favorite is carrots...he loved carrots! yesterday he went to the doctor and he weighed in at 16lbs 13oz and was 26 1/4 inches long. he's gained 10lbs and grown almost 6 inches in just 7 months. what a big little guy!
enjoying the carrots that his nanaw was feeding him
i also thought i would share these pics that i took this morning. i was taking pictures of peanut sitting up but apparently my other boys see the camera and immediately start cheezing it up. (i have no clue as to why they would do this) so it turned into a mini-impromptu photo shoot. don't mind the pj's, afterall it wasn't even 9am yet! and i didn't really get a "perfect" picture of the 3 of them but i did get some pretty cute ones.


  1. How sweet! All of your big boys!
    Love the pictures. They are perfect!


  2. All of the boys are getting so big! Peanut looks a lot like Bubba in some of these pictures. Looks like you'll have another cute boy to add to the other two! I need to come visit soon, I miss those boys and their craziness!


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