Monday, June 1, 2009

not me! monday

ah, time for therapy! if you have yet to read a 'not me! monday' post, you can click here and find out the scoop.

now i am a stay at home mom and i love my ''job''. i like to think that i'm pretty good at it. and i think i have a good balance between not being too soft but not being too hard on the kids either. so it certainly was not me who let each of her kids eat m&m's at 9:33 this morning because that was compromise from the nestle crunch bar that they found stashed in the back of the ''healthy snack'' drawer and wanted to eat. we all know that i would not have chocolate hidden in my house.

it was definitely not me who let her 6 month old cry it out for five solid minutes last night in an effort to convince him that he does not have to be on my boob to fall asleep. after the five minutes was up i would have never gone in the room and quietly slipped a binky into his mouth and when it worked, it would have been totally wrong for me to have been excited.

since injuring my ankle i've had to rely on B to do a lot more of the housework around here. friday night i did not fall asleep at 7:35pm and sleep until 9:30 saturday morning. since i didn't do that, then i know i didn't wake up to a completely clean house. he had not cleaned the bathroom floor, washed and dried all the towels, finished all of the laundry, washed all of the dishes, picked up all of the toys, and wiped down the kitchen table. and upon noticing the cleanliness, i certainly did not gently remind him that he forgot to disinfect and clean the bathtub. that would be totally selfish and not me at all!

and finally the biggest thing that i did not do: after repeatedly telling my two year old to not bite his brother; after reiteratting that biting hurts and makes people sad, that we love our brothers and we don't bit anyone ever; there is no way that I would softly bite his little arm to illustrate why we don't bite. and when the crying did not start, there is no way that i would scoop him up and kiss his owie and nicely say ''see? biting hurts...we don't bite'' and when the little guy did not look at his brother with his big brown eyes and say ''sorry bra-bra, no bite. sorry" i would have never smiled. nope, not me!

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