Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what's that? you didn't hear....

oh, well let me show you:
that's right! peanut can sit up now! if you set him up, he'll stay for 30sec-2mins. how long depends on what he's doing. if he's watching the boys play then he can sit for a couple of minutes!
here he is all embarrassed that i'm showing him off, lol:
he is still to lazy to roll over regularly has only rolled over a handful of times but i'm glad that he is still developing those muscles, even if he doesn't use them. he likes the rice cereal so we're doing that about every other day, and he can drink out of a sippy cup too! where the hell does the time go?

oh, i wouldn't forget to show off his brothers either. geesh, who do you think i am? here is pooks' looking innocent (which we all know is RARE!)
can you even believe that in 13 days he will be TWO years old?! that is insane! he's talking more and more lately. today he told bubba ''sorry'' after he accidentally ran his shopping cart into bubba. he said ''i eat please'' while i was eating my bowl of cereal....he's just getting so big! he's starting to show his own interests too. he likes firetrucks, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora. he really likes to do puzzles and blocks--totally the opposite of bubba. he really likes to study things and solve problems.

bubba is doing good too! he is still very much into Cars and i think its an age thing where he is really into pretending. he likes to cook in his pretend kitchen and bring you food. he pretends that he is a race car or a motorcycle. he is talking non stop. i mean seriously, you would have never known that this is the kid who rarely spoke around Thanksgiving. he talks about anything and everything.
he is very excited to start school and i'm in the midst of checking out and visiting preschools now. we'll probably have to get on a wait list, but i'm okay with that. he did just turn 3 so i'm not rushing him!


  1. You are so creative, I just love the new look and the adorable pics. It all looks wonderful.

  2. Peanut really looks like Bubba in the picture where he's being silly! The boys are adorable as usual.

  3. Love the new look and all the pics of the boys. Peanut is growing up so fast and I agree he sure looks like Bubba.

  4. Shannon, I love looking at your blogs. You have three beautiful little boys. They look so happy. Enjoy them. It sure looks like you do. Thanks for sharing. Hope's grandmother in Rochester.


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