Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no i didn't die, although i almost wish that i did

i'm going to humor myself by thinking that all 5 of my followers of my loyal readers missed me. no i didn't die, i just almost died. okay, so i didn't almost die. that was a stretch of the truth. but i do sorta feel useless. okay, i feel completely useless. i didn't die but i did severally sprain my ankle to the point where i can't walk on it. or put ANY amount of weight on it. for an entire week. it swelled up all super huge, then turned this great shade of black/purple/blue/green. fun stuff. here is a craptastic cell phone pic:
i apologize for the crappy quality but given the crutches, i couldn't exactly carry myself and my DSLR over to the counter.

so you might be wondering, what in the world did she do? well here are a few choices: i hurt my ankle while running away from a rabid pack of wolves. or maybe i sprained it while skydiving and landing on jagged mountains. i bet it happened when i stepped out of a truck. or it was when i was trying to save that family of kittens from the burning building.

okay okay, i sprained my ankle by stepping out of a truck. that's it. i was hopping out of the backseat of a truck and landed on my ankle wrong. my ankle rolled and i landed on top of it. (so completely clumsy and boring, i know!) it hurt like hell and i kinda thought they were going to have to amputate but alas i have an ace bandage, a prescription for 800mg motrin and a set of crutches. on monday i am suppose to switch the ace wrap out for an air cast and try to start walking (still with crutches) but placing weight on my foot as well. if i am still in pain then, they will re-xray and i'll probably have to start physcial therapy.

great, just what a stay at home mom with 3 small kids wants to hear. i can't carry peanut. i can't chase pooks. i can't help bubba up the 13 steps to the bathroom to go potty. so i am sitting on the couch (or nanaw's couch) watching everyone else do everything for me. and let me tell you , it's not as glamourous as one would think! i feel like a total idiot, i hate having people take care of me and overall i'm bored out of my damn mind.

the silver lining is that i'll be editing/enhancing wedding pics in my free time this week (which i have plenty of) so i'll have pics up from uncle matt and aunt rachel's wedding soon.


  1. Poor girl. I am so sorry. I did that in 8th grade, I had a cheerleading accident. It hurts, hurts, hurts. Get better soon... although I already know the recovery is anything other than quick.

  2. Oh, that stinks! Did they give you some exercises to do? Even though it hurts like hell, the worse thing you can do is leave that thing completely immobile for a week. Even light towel stretched would help!

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!!



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