Sunday, May 10, 2009

hey mom!

happy mother's day mom! and to all the mommies out there reading this too, ''happy mother's day!"

i for one, had a wonderful day. the hubs and the little dudes let peanut and i sleep in while they were "quietly" getting ready to go out. (well they were as quiet as a 2 year old and a 3 year old can be) they surprised me by bringing home flowers, a caramel macchiato and donuts! it was so sweet and i was spoiled rotten! i also received a beautiful necklace engraved with the boys' names (with a keepsake box), a card and a gift card for sweet is that?! but the icing on the cake was a 3.5hr NAP that i took cuddled up with peanut this afternoon.

it. was. wonderful.

then my own mama got me a card with a note, apparently she and i are having a ''date'' night on friday but i know no details....hmmm! i can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve.

speaking of, here is nanaw opening her gifts last night:
a few weeks ago our mom's group got together and made gifts for all the grandmas: canvas totes and/or aprons complete with the kids handprints and footprints. nanaw received one of each as well as another gift from moi but i can't blog about that just yet ;)

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  1. I really loved the gifts from the boys and the one we can't talk about yet.
    Thanks again! :)


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