Sunday, April 5, 2009

we're back!

well it was a whirlwind of a trip but everything went really well! the drive down there was smooth sailing. it's a 5 hr drive and with stops, it took us almost 6.5hrs (including an hour long stop at mcd's for lunch and to let the kids play in the play place). the kids did awesome the whole time! we had a blast while there... meeting up with tricia and her fam went really well, the kids hit it off as did the husband's. obviously tricia and I got along well! we all went to red robin for lunch then to a really nice mall that was nearby. it was pretty upscale and we mostly window shopped, then let the kids play in THE biggest play area that i've ever seen in the mall. all the kiddos made stuffed animals at build-a-bear, we enjoyed some ice cream and just let the kids be kids. while there we spoiled ourselves by Joe's Crab Shack, Red Robin and staying in nice hotels. the weather didn't cooperate on the way home, so we didn't get to go shopping like we had planned but overall no complaints.

as much fun as we had, it's great to be home. sleeping with 2 toddlers isn't exactly comfy and that much time in the car can make anyone go batty! now it's back to our normal routine :) here are all the pics:
myself with tricia and all the kiddos
bubba and pooks hugging **awwwww**
the guys talking and guarding the exit
(we had a few attempts at escapes--only one successful though)
peanut and I at the play place
E and bubba playing on a bridge
pooks and m on the slide
pooks with E (E is 4 days older than pooks)
all the kiddos in their strollers
b and peanut
all my boys in the hotel bed
(ironically enough b, bubba and pooks all slept in one queen, peanut in the crib and i had an ENTIRE queen bed to myself.
i took about 200 pics, lol but at least i shared a few!


  1. Cute pictures, looks like fun. I'm going to take one guess at who was trying to escape the play area. Do I even have to mention a name?!

  2. LOL Michelle--it wasn't pooks, it was E. She not only escaped but ran straight into Gymboree like a little mad shopper. Pooks attempted and failed several times, but only after watching E do it first!

  3. Looks like you all had a very nice weekend! I bet Nanaw is very happy you are back. I talked to her Friday and she said she already missed you all.



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