Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange you glad...updated!

our blog has gone orange in honor of Stellan today. i know several of you stalk follow MckMama's blog and those of you that don't, should! Stellan is only a month older than peanut and has a severe medical condition called SVT and also arrhythmia, that makes his tiny little heart beat irregularly and much of the time, way too fast. he's been in the hosptial for over 4 weeks now and today he is having an ablation. straight from MckMama's blog:

"During surgery, the electrophysiologist will work from the inside of Stellan's heart to trigger SVT using electricity. Having Stellan off as many anti-arrhythmics as possible will be better so as not to hinder that triggering. Once SVT has been triggered, the goal will be to map, identify and then destroy the accessory electrical pathway(s) on Stellan's heart that are causing his problems."

the surgery isn't common at such a young age but they can't postpone it anymore. Stellan's ablation started at 8:30est this morning and in honor of that the boys are wearing orange today, i've changed the blog to orange to let everyone know that today our thoughts are with stellan.

I WANTED TO UPDATE AND LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT STELLAN PULLED THROUGH THE SURGERY! WOOHOO! the boys and i continued our orange day by having orange goldfish with our sandwiches at lunch, and for dinner we had popcorn chicken nuggets (kinda orangish) with sweet potato fries (definitely orange!) and cheesy rice with broccoli (the sauce was a yellowish orange but we tried). i am so glad that Stellan made it through the surgery and things are finally looking up! keep up on mckmama's blog for more stellan updates!


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