Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it was nice out!


the boys are sick; well bubba and pooks both have a virus and an ear infection. (peanut has a bit of a cough, right now we are just keeping an eye on him). the little dudes are now on antibiotics and they seem to be doing much better. this morning pookie had a fever of 102...poor lil guy. B actually stayed home from work today because they both woke with fevers, they both were fussy and whiney and i knew i'd have to get pooks into the doctor. he was so hot, pulling on his ears, and i have never seen him so was obvious that he didn't feel good.

well after a dose of antibiotics, a round of motrin and a nap they were in much better spirits! obviously i didn't want to take them to the park {hello, they are contagious} but we did take them outside. it was SO nice out! a light breeze and about 71 degrees made for a beautiful afternoon and we took full advantage of it. here are a few pics:

oh and you *might* have noticed that pooks got his haircut...and yes mom, i know i know, you hate it. well when the little guy has a fever of 102 and is sweating, then he is pulling on his hair all around his left ear, he just looked hot and miserable. i made an executive decision, so you'll have to deal with it. sorry! (but i think that he looks adorable!)


  1. You are right in that I don't like it and I think I need a couple of days before I say anymore.


    Ps I like the pics

  2. I like the haircut too, looks great! Where do you find their "Cars" shirts? I've looked all over the place and can't find any.


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