Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!!

i hope that everyone reading had a happy easter! we did...low-key but nice! the boys woke up around 8:30am and we kept them busy upstairs while nanaw and papa drove over. once they were here, the boys came downstairs, tore through their baskets then hunted for eggs. originally i thought we'd do the egg hunt outside but the weather didn't cooperate so we were forced to have it indoors. oh well, the boys enjoyed it. nanaw had to work at 11am today so we didn't have the traditional Easter sprial cut, juicy ham dinner. instead we enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee. i know for a fact that bubba liked it--he ate 3 pancakes! what a little porker. anywho, that's about it for us. here are the pics!

their baskets
{each kiddo received a book & the little dudes each got a pez dispenser, bunny toy with runts, a jelly bean ''carrot'', chocolate cars and teddy grahams. peanut got a light-up toy and binkys}
bubba checking out the baskets....
peanut staring at the egg light
sleepy lil' guy wasn't up for much, he's fighting off that virus
pooks searching for eggs
finding the eggs
once he realized that they were full of m&m's, he lost interest in hunting and just wanted to eat!
getting papa's help to open the egg
by bedtime, i finally found the bunny ears. go figure, right? so we snapped a few pics before bed...
bubba loved the ears. he WAS the easter bunny
pooks didn't really care about the ears at all at all!
not even if *i* was wearing them!

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