Tuesday, April 28, 2009

conversations with bubba...

this was sunday mornings breakfast conversation. we were at Yeuy's house visiting and had just returned from krispy kreme and starbucks. since it wasn't an ordinary day, i let bubba and pooks get an orange mango banana smoothie from starbucks. i figured all that fruit off set the fact that they were having donuts for breakfast.

{peanut fusses from in the bedroom}

bubba: whats dat? {makes his listening face} dat baby?
me: yeah, sounds like the baby is waking up. daddy's with him. i'm sure he'll bring him to me, he probably wants to eat breakfast. do you think he's hungry?
b: yeah. he eats beckfast yike me?
m: yep, just like you.
b: no, not yike me mama. baby dinks milk from mama's boobies.
m: yes, baby c drinks mommy's milk.
b: not me mama, i don't dink mommy's milk...i dink my starbucks.{then proceeds to loudly slurp his smoothie} i dink my starbucks and eats me donut.

he was SO serious about it too! like "duh, this is what i eat and drink everyday." which is SO not the case.

apparently it made a good impression on him though!

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  1. Too funny! Youa re rubbing off on him, Miss Starbucks!


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