Sunday, April 19, 2009

the binky fairy...

this all started because earlier today while the boys were coloring, i was checking up on my blogs. i was in the middle of reading heathers blog today when pooks came up to the computer and saw a picture of all of sassy's "bippys'' in a bag. so i explained how sassy put all of her binkies in a bag, and at night the Binky fairy came and took all of her binkies away to give to new babies, but because sassy was a big girl she got new toys instead!

at the word ''toys'' pooks eyes got pretty big! so i gently said ''pookie, do you want to find all your binkies and put them in a bag? then tonight the Binky fairy can come and take those away and leave you new big boy toys instead!" he was kinda looking at me like ''is she really saying what i think she's saying?" but bubba, jumped on it! he was telling pooks how he was gonna get to be a big boy, and how it was ''yike the easter bunny" and he was gonna get m&m's...

now we're getting somewhere! he's eyes grew huge at the thought of m&m's. next thing i know he's yanking a bag out of the kitchen drawer. so we run upstairs to start on our binky hunt. (naturally sung to the tune of ''we're going on a bear hunt'') i swear to you, within 5 minutes the kid found 7 binkies. seven. binkies. he had 3 hidden under his pillow, one between his bed and the wall, one under our bed on B's side, one in the toy box, and one hidden behind his cars sofa chair. on a good day, it takes us 5 minutes to find a binky, let alone seven. so we put them all in a bag and left them on the table.

i did take the time to explain to him that babies get to have binkies because babies don't have teeth. since pookie has teeth, he doesn't need a binky anymore. bubba, mommy & daddy all have teeth so we don't have binkies. we are big boys. (yes, even i am a big boy---apparently).

fast-forward to bed time, we came downstairs and told the binkies bye-bye (he waved and everything) and got in bed. not a peep. he's been asleep for almost 3 hours and hasn't said a word. he fell asleep fine, never even questioned.

so immediately after they fell asleep i had to make a run to the store as a favor to the Binky fairy. tomorrow morning he will be waking up to find a bag of m&m's just for him, a football with tow mater and lightning mcqueen on it and a mr. potatohead.

i have to say, i'm really optimistic but we shall see how tonight goes :)


  1. Ohh Good Luck!!! What a big boy!

  2. How exciting!! It's been working like a charm for us! Sassy has woken up wimpering a couple of times in the middle of the night, but she has gone right back to sleep with a little rub on the back. I thought we were going to have to have a knock-down, drag-out fight, but so far, so good!

  3. That is awesome! I may have to try the binky fairy. I hope it works!


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