Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yeah yeah yeah...

we're still around, just nothing superbly interesting to post about. it snowed on saturday, "blizzard like conditions" which i forgot to take pics of. then on sunday it got up to like 60 degrees and everything melted and we lounged around and did absolutely nothing. yesterday the boys and i ran errands all morning.

today we had a playgroup meet-up, hung out at the house with auntie s and little miss diva, then had supper. b is out playing poker {since 7pm, even though he told me he'd be back early so i could go have ''me'' time at starbucks--guess i'll just sip on my invisible iced venti caramel machiatto while sitting on my couch blogging*eye roll*} i managed to have every single little dude in bed by 9pm, i worked out on the wii for 1/2 an hour and i have been mindlessly surfing the internet and blog stalking since then.

fun stuff i tell ya!

it'll be a few days until there are any ''good'' posts, just a fair warning.

the tictac fam is headed to: the-state-where-the-eskimo-pie-was-invented, to meet up with a mama and her family who i've known for almost 3 years but never met. let me explain...in todays technology there are about a billion and one pregnancy boards/forums/etc. well we happened by chance to join the same one where we joined the same ''due date'' birth board (pookies birth board) and we've been virtually chatting it up since. she has an older son who is close to bubba's age and a daughter who is pooks' age, she is my age and her hubby is B's age (did ya follow that?) so we have a lot in common! EXCEPT for the fact that she lives in canada and i for one, do not. not.even.close. so by a lot of luck and some chances, she is visiting the states this week very spur of the moment and we will be driving a mere 5 hours to meet up and hang out on thurs and/or friday. i can't wait for to actually meet her in a physical sense, and for the kids to play. i am SO freaking excited!! well, a little anxious about the five hour car drive but anxious nonetheless.

look for updates and good posts on saturday!!

ps- how many of you are off to google where the eskimo pie was invented? just like to keep ya on your toes ;)

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